FY3/2018 FY3/2019 FY3/2020 FY3/2021 FY3/2022
Net sales (million yen) FY3/201826,945 FY3/201929,647 FY3/202032,169 FY3/202133,500 FY3/202234,373
Operating income (million yen) FY3/20181,469 FY3/20181,880 FY3/20181,989 FY3/20182,857 FY3/20183,344
Ordinary income (million yen) FY3/20181,469 FY3/20191,920 FY3/20202,003 FY3/20212,947 FY3/20223,358
Net income attributable
to owners of parent (million yen)
FY3/2018910 FY3/20191,071 FY3/20201,122 FY3/2021537 FY3/20222,279
Net income per share (yen) FY3/201810.70 FY3/201912.44 FY3/202012.81 FY3/20216.15 FY3/202226.06
ROE(%) FY3/201812.5 FY3/201912.8 FY3/202012.1 FY3/20215.5 FY3/202220.7
P/E Ratio FY3/201828.9 FY3/201924.44 FY3/202020.22 FY3/202146.3 FY3/20228.3
Annual dividend (yen) FY3/20183.50 FY3/20193.70 FY3/20203.90 FY3/20213.90 FY3/20224.50
Dividend payout ratio (%) FY3/201832.7 FY3/201929.7 FY3/202030.4 FY3/202163.4 FY3/202217.3

*Net sales and operating income are the amounts after the reclassification of presentation methods.