FY3/2017 FY3/2018 FY3/2019 FY3/2020 FY3/2021
Net sales (million yen) FY3/201722,799 FY3/201826,779 FY3/201929,298 FY3/202031,719 FY3/202032,911
Operating income (million yen) FY3/20171,168 FY3/20181,303 FY3/20191,531 FY3/20201,538 FY3/20202,268
Ordinary income (million yen) FY3/20171,350 FY3/20181,582 FY3/20191,920 FY3/20202,003 FY3/20202,947
Net income attributable
to owners of parent (million yen)
FY3/2017661 FY3/2018910 FY3/20191,071 FY3/20201,122 FY3/2020537
Net income per share (yen) FY3/20177.87 FY3/201310.70 FY3/201912.44 FY3/202012.81 FY3/20206.15
ROE (%) FY3/201710.1 FY3/201812.5 FY3/201912.8 FY3/202012.1 FY3/20205.5
P/E Ratio FY3/201735.6 FY3/201828.9 FY3/201924.44 FY3/202020.22 FY3/202046.3
Annual dividend (yen) FY3/20172.50 FY3/20183.50 FY3/20193.70 FY3/20203.90 FY3/20203.90
Dividend payout ratio (%) FY3/201731.8 FY3/201832.7 FY3/201929.7 FY3/202030.4 FY3/202063.4